Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast
Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast

Abandon all thirst, ye who enter ...




The entrance, a gate worthy of a castle, was impressive. So impressive in fact that you had not dared to enter before, the many times you passed Azienda Agricola Travaglino (dal 1868 grande vini dell’Oltrepo Pavese) by car. Interesting though … you mused, driving on.

One Sunday however, the nobility of Travaglino decided to open their doors for a degustazione (a tasting), free no less. This at least meant you could enter unnoticed among the many other visitors of the day and wouldn’t feel obliged to really buy wine. Fancy! You just came out of curiosity.

The wine cellar looked interesting nonetheless and you were lured in. You sat down and six wines were offered to you, by the Lady of the Cantina. Very polite, the lady, so refusal was out of the question. Mmm, quite special, that wine. The idea is to taste and spit the wine in a bowl. Such a waste, you think, so no spitting for you. The wine did contain alcohol, so far became clear. Each glass became tastier. The lady was smart and saved the best wine for last. A little tipsy, you bought six bottles of this most expensive wine and still felt strangely satisfied.

Strolling through the sun burnt vineyards, the same where the grapes of your dear wine were grown, you walked home. Not a gate to be seen. Paradise, not hell.

Entrance gate


wine tasting