Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast
Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast

The climate of the Oltrepò Pavese

Meteo Montecalvo

Since summer of 2012 Villa I Due Padroni has been joined to the network of "Centro Meteo Lombardo" (CML). In the garden they have placed an advanced weather station and on the roof of the villa a wind meter. The data of the weather station are transmitted every 15 minutes to the server of the CML.

You can find the actual weather data on the English home page.

Clouds over the hills of the Oltrepò

Villa I Due Padroni in a winter landscape

Sunset behind the castle of Montalto Pavese

Sunny Italy at Villa I Due Padroni

"In Italy, when I look outside in the morning and the weather is fine, dry and sunny, I leave home without a coat. If I do this in the UK or Holand, I am deceited quite often, because later in the day it starts raining, the wind starts blowing and it gets cold!"

Says Luca, an Italian, after having lived in The Netherlands for years and having experienced the difference between the two climates. Even after two years of living in Italy we are still surprised about the differences. Everbody knows that in Italy the sun shines more often, but that the climate in summer is that much more stable, is a thing we had not anticipated.

From about June till September the weather in the Oltrepo Pavese is dry, sunny and warm, practically without exception, not counting the occasional thunderstorm. The temperature ranges from 25-35 degrees Celsius (77-95 Fahrenheit) while humidity is reasonably low. This type of weather is very pleasant, you get used to it quite easily.

Climate data

From May till September the average daily maximum temperature is above 25 oC, in July and August the daily maximum averages 30 degrees. The 24hrs average temperature is about 5 degrees above the Dutch average.

From November till March Oltrepo weather is very much like the Dutch weather, apart from wind (less) and fog (more). The difference in amount of rainfall occurs mainly during the other seasons, spring, summer and fall. From May till September the number of rainy days is negligable and the little rain that does fall originates from the thunderstorms that may pass in the evening every now and then.

The difference in windspeed between Holland and the Oltrepo is spectacular. That's why our Dutch flag outside never waves!

The Oltrepò Pavese:
four seasons of natural beauty...!





A winter panorama. On the background you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

A summer panorama when the temperature may rise to 35oor even more