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Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast

cooking class

Photo presentation

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Masterchef Leda

Leda's husband Nando is always present to help her in the kitchen

During class Leda keeps always her Italian-English dictionary at hand

Bread is still being baked in a traditional wood oven

Frazione Bagarello is already mentioned in documents dating from the 12th century

Con le mani in pasta!

Putting your hands in the dough, as the Italians say. And that's exactly the thing that we propose you to do: "mettere le mani in pasta". In co-operation with Azienda Agrituristica Bagarellum in Montecalvo Versiggia, at hikings distance of our Villa, we like to organise a cooking class if you would be interested.

Masterchef Leda

During a morning's lesson chef Leda of Bagarellum will tell and demonstrate to you (in a mixture of Italian, English and gestures) the secrets of her delicious and traditional dishes. The receipies of these dishes have been handed over from generation to generation, from each nonna her daughter. Many of our guests have already experienced the results of this simple but exquisite cuisine.

You may learn to prepare ravioli or risotto and probably also an antipasto or a dolce. The choice all depends on the season, as all ingredients used in the kitchen are of their own produce. And all participants are lucky enough to be eating their own cooking results during the lunch that is offered immediately after class.


If you happen to be some sort of a sportive type and are not afraid to conquer a height difference of ca. 150 meter, then the hike to and from Bagarello (as the hamlet where the restaurant is located is called) is worth trying (ca 45-60 min). It's a beautiful hike that offers fantastic views. On your way to Bagerellum you'll be burning the energy that that will be adequately replenished during the lunch... and digest all the extra calories again on the way back.


In case you're interested in taking part in the class (minimum participation of 2 persons), it would be best to make a reservation before you arive at the villa. (using the contact form, by phone or by mail, see Contact).

The class starts at approx. 9:30 and lasts till the lunch at approx. 12:30. The lunch takes as long as you like. The price for the class amounts to just 60 euro p.p., including lunch and drinks/wine. Minimum number of paritcipants is 2 adults.

A short impression of the cooking class can be seen on YouTube, as well as a slide show presentation.

N.B. The cooking class is also part of the culinary arrangement that we can offer you during your stay al the villa.

The entrance of Agriturismo Bagarellum

The view from the terrace of Agriturismo Bagarellum

Making ravioli

mixing flower and eggs...

working the dough....

working and rolling....

and finished is the pasta!

roll out the pasta in sheets....

add the filling....

Fold the sheet....

ciak, ciak, ciak.....

cut out the pieces...

...voila! Ravioli!