Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast

Around holiday home I Due Padroni

The hike (round trip) to Santa Maria della Versa (ca. 3/4 hours to and from)

Hiking to Agriturismo Bagarellum for the "pranzo di domenica", the sunday lunch.


One of the many cycling routes that pass by the villa (marked by the little cross). Click on the map to enlarge it. A description of this route can be found here (in Italian).



Leaving the villa you immediately step into the vineyards and will enjoy the tranquility, the magnificent views and the lovely weather. Sometimes the sky is so clear that you can see the Alpes 150 km away!
You're free to walk through all the vineyards, people put up fences only around their houses. Nobody will be surprised and stare at you if they see you strolling among their vines. On the contrary, they will greet you friendly and start a conversation.

This means that you can walk in any direction: to Santa Maria della Versa, Lirio and further. We will be pleased to give you some ideas for interesting hikes, ranging from an hours stroll to a day-trip. The walks that we have already done ourselves and have described, you can find in "Hiking in the Oltrepò Pavese".


Hiking to the bodega "Travaglino"


Italians love race cycling. A popular cycling route runs by the villa: for the passionate cyclists and mountain bikers this area is ideal and challenging. There are several interesting websites which offer suitable and well-described cycle routes (road & MTB) in the Oltrepò:

A nice overview of the tracks in the Oltrepò can be found on this site)

Of course, you can also make short trips by car. The roads are not busy. En route, hiking, cycling, or by car, you can hardly miss the many bars, restaurants, trattorias or what else there is to cater for the hungry and thirsty.

Many wine farms offer the opportunity to taste the local wines: a "degustazione". You should definitely try it!







Even in the mountainous part of the Oltrepò you will find challenging mountain bike routes