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Discover the Oltrepò Pavese

When you take a walk from the villa you are surrounded by vineyards

The parish church of Broni


The castle of Zavatarello


Punto Cristo near Montalto Pavese


Small streets in medieval Varzi


The landscape along the rivers Ticino and Po in the province of Pavia is formed by the cultivation of rice (risotto!). It is flat with lots of ditches and sluices to regulate the water supply to the rice fields.
But in the background there are always the Alps (in the north) or the hills of the Oltrepò in the south


The bank of the Ticino



The beautiful region around
Villa I Due Padroni

The approx. 1100 km2 of this area are covered with vineyards, small villages, castles and forests. From the flood plain of the Po the hills gradually rise to a maximum height of 1700 meter (Monte Lesima). This provides you with stunning views.

The region is intersected by several rivers and brooks that define the valleys: Valle Staffora, Valle Scuropasso, Valle Versa and Val Tidone.

If you are not in a hurry you can explore the region by:

There are several auto routes that guide you to the diffrent sites. Further tourist information can be found in an App that we have developed for iPhone, iPad and Android. A part of this info is also published on the website of this Milan City Guide App.

A street view in Zavatarello

Villages and cities

The plains south of the Po are an integral part of the Oltrepò. Still on these plains, but on the foot of the hills of the Oltrpò, there are several small cities such as Stradella, Broni, Casteggio and Voghera where you can find most of the shops and markets.
Among the the many small villages and hamlets of the region there are a number that are more outstanding and worth a visit:



Just next to the Oltrepò Pavese lies the province of Piacenza with its own character, also worth discovering: Here you can visit many medieval castles and cities like Castell'Arquato, and in his birth place Busseto you will find everything worth knowing about Giuseppe Verdi.

The city of Bobbio is known as the cultural center of the hills of the Piacentina region. Here you can visit the tomb of one of the early 7th century Irish missionaries: San Columbano, and in the river Trebbia you can swim near the medeival bridge. If the kids want more water slide fun, we can recommend the Riverpark of Rivergaro.


Pavia Province and the Oltrepò region have several nature reserves and protected areas which can easily be reached by car from the villa within an hour, such as:

A popular and lively meeting point (especially on sundays) is the Penice Pass on the road between Varzi and Bobbio.



The medieval bridge over the river Trebbia at Bobbio


Interior of the Basilica of Bobbio


The abbey of San Alberto di Butrio.
Click on the photo above to view a slide show of the interior of this abbey.


The castle of Montesegale


After a hike through the parco di Montalpe you can enjoy the view from the top of the Pietra di Corva


The view from Monte Penice (1460m)


The pontoon bridge over the Ticino at Bereguardo


Saturday market at Santa Maria della Versa