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Vakantiehuis Italie Bed and Breakfast

Hiking around villa I due padroni












From Villa to Ca'Bosco and San Michele ai Pianoni


(appr. 6km, 1.30 - 1.45 hours, height difference appr. 200m. There is no bar or restaurant on the way: bring your own food and drinks!)

1. Through the vineyards
The hike starts at the gate of the villa. Turn right and walk between the houses of Roberto Vercesi. You leave the asphalted road and continue on a gravel path that leads down to the Scuropasso. At the second passage between the vineyard at your left, turn left. Follow this passage and at the end turn right folloewing the wide strip of land downwards until you can climb upwards again between a forest/shrubs (at your right hand) and a vineyard (left). You pass a small open space with a an old wooden cart. Continue along the path upwards and turn right at the large oak tree before you. From there the path leads down. While you walk down, you see left above you a small tower. This tower stands at the road from Casella to Michelazza.

2. Through Michelazza
Climb to the road and tower, crossing the vineyard, and follow the road for appr. 100m untill the hair pin bend. At the right of this bend, just before a fence there is a path that leads down. Take this path and keep the fence at your left hand. The path ends on the yard of one of the houses in Michelazza. Continue on the asphalted road before you. After 70m, before the house with number 5, turn right and take the grassy slope that leads down to the main road. Turn right here. A few meters further, leaving the last house of Michelazza behind you, turn right again on a path that follows a small brook (if there is sufficient water, of course) downwards. At the end you cross again the main road.

3. To Ca'Bosco
You are now almost at the lowest point of this hike. A bit to the left and before you is a road that leads to Ca'Bosco. You can already see this house in a distance before and above you. Follow this asphalted road that first slopes down but quckly starts climbing. Almost at the end of the road, just before Ca' Bosco leave the road and turn left following a steep (by rains heavily eroded) path at the edge of the forest. Before that you will have probably been greeted by all the (at least seven!) dogs living at Ca' Bosco. Keep in mind: barking dogs, don't bite.

Follow the steep path going up the hill. Once above, the path follows a semi-circle to the left between two vineyards. Keep following this path untill you reach the asphalted road from Francia to Ca' Budda.

4. To San Michele ai Pianoni
Turn left and follow this steep road. After appr. 100m leave the road and turn right onto the sandy path that leads to the forest above Ca' Bosco. Keep following this (sometimes muddy) path untill you reach a plantation with young vines. Here you keep right. For tens of meters or so, the path crosses again the forest. Again in the open field it turns left in a semi-circle, and upwards, into the direction of two free-standing trees at the corner of a vineyard. From here you can see the buildings and fence of the winery San Michele ai Pianoni. Follow the edge of the vineyard (at your left) that after 50m turns left. Keep the barn and the house at your right. A few meters further you turn right (keep the concrete wall at your right) and climb the stairs that lead to the gate. At this gate turn right and follow the fence untill you reach the drive-way of the villa. Follow this drive-way untill you reach the asphalted road again.

5. Back to Spagna
You have now reached the highest point of the hike. Here you may continue your journey into the direction of Bagarello (20 minutes) or even to Crocetta (40 minutes). To return to our villa turn left and follow the asphalted road downwards. keep following this road untill it joins the main road from Francia to Crocetta. You are now standing in front of the gate of a company in building materials (Ceruti). Turn left and walk, following the fence, towards Francia. In Francia you have the option to continue on the main road or to take the by-pass that goes through the frazione. This by-pass meets the main road again at the small village church. Keep straight ahead in the direction of Castana. Hundred meters after the bifurcation you can see the road sign Spagna, and the villa.

Height profile

Hoogteprofiel wandeling CaBudda vakantiehuis Italie

Height difference

153 Meter (from 253 Meter to 406 Meter)

GPSies - Van vakantiehuis Italie Villa I Due Padroni naar Ca'Budda




1. Santa Maria della Versa

round trip
(8 km ca. 2 uur)


2. To Bagarellum

(8 km return trip,
ca. 2 uur)


3. Ca'Bosco and San Michele ai Pianoni

(round trip, 6km appr. 1.5 uur)


4. To Cigognola

(9.5 km one way, appr. 2,5 uur)


5. Golferenzo

(round trip, 5 km appr. 1 uur)


6. Lirio

(round trip, 5 km appr. 2 uur)


7. Walking the dog

(round trip, 3 km appr.45 min)