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Hiking around villa I due padroni












To Cigognola

Duration of the walk: appr. 2 - 2,5 hours. The route follows mainly metalled roads. On the way, in Lirio and Pietra De'Giorgi and at the finish in Cigognola, you can buy a snack or a drink in one of the local bars.


1. To the Scuropasso-valley
The hike start at the gate of the villa. You turn right and walk between the houses of Roberto Vercesi onto the gravel road that leads down to the Scuropasso below. At the third passage right between the vineyards you turn right. Follow the passage that leads to a group of houses hidden behind a hedge of large conifers. You reach a metalled road that leads to these houses. Turn left and follow this road downwards. You pass a bridge over the Scuropasso. PAY ATTENTION: you're now standing on the main road to Zavatarello: sometimes cars drive very fast!

2. To Lirio
After the bridge you walk 20m to the left and turn right just before restaurant “Amici Miei”. You follow a road that climbs to Lirio. You pass the cemetery of Lirio (at your left). Keep following the main road to the village. Once the main road turns right, walk straight ahead into the Via del Pozzo. Follow this street untill you reach the village square. As a small detour you can climb further up (Via Roma) and visit the small church of Lirio

3. To Boffalora
From Lirio's village square with its small bar, follow the road sign to Montalto Pavese. After 20m turn right into Via 24 Maggio. At the bifurcate with its small chapel keep left. The road starts climbing upwards and you ignore the two small roads you pass (the first goes to the right, the second to the left). Almost at the top, at a group of houses you still keep walking straight ahead, although a sign indicates that the road is only meant for "residenti". (Watch out for the dogs!). Next, keep right and follow the metalled road for the next few kilometers. You pass the little hamlet of Boffalora (at your left).

4. To Pietra De'Giorgi
At the bifurcation to Boffalora, keep straight ahead and continue following the road untill it joins the main road from Scorzoletta (in the valley below) to Pietra De’Giorgi. You follow this main road to the left (in fact, you keep walking straight ahead). A few hundred meters further at the bifurcation you keep left. At the next bifurcation keep right. Follow this path that goes slowly downwards untill you have reached Pietra De’Giorgi. You walk along the castle (at your right, above) untill you reach a small square with a bar.

5. To Cigognola
From this square walk straight ahead. Ignore the road that turns left and slopes down. From the point where the main road turns right, walk straight ahead into Via G. Porri. At the top of the hill keep the crucifix on on your right and follow the gravel road between the vineyard and the steeper slope of the hill. Walk downwards untill at the other side of the hill, you reach the main road again. Turn left and follow the road to the village and main square of Cigognola. From this square a foot path leads to the Belvedère with its war memorial. From this point you have a beautiful view over the plains of the river Po. In clear weather conditions you can even see the Alps with the peak of Monte Rosa, and the skyline of Milan. In front of Cicognola's town hall you'll find a bar.

N.B. The castle of Cocognola is private property and not open to the public.

Altitude profile

Hoogteprofiel wandeling CaBudda vakantiehuis Italie

Height difference

239 Meter (Altitude from 151 Meter to 390 Meter)

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1. Santa Maria della Versa

round trip
(8 km ca. 2 uur)


2. To Bagarellum

(8 km return trip,
ca. 2 uur)


3. Ca'Bosco and San Michele ai Pianoni

(round trip, 6km appr. 1.5 uur)


4. To Cigognola

(9.5 km one way, appr. 2,5 uur)


5. Golferenzo

(round trip, 5 km appr. 1 uur)


6. Lirio

(round trip, 5 km appr. 2 uur)


7. Walking the dog

(round trip, 3 km appr.45 min)