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Hiking around villa I due padroni












Round trip Golferenzo

In contrast with the other hikes this one does not start at the villa but in Golferenzo, situated in the hills behind Santa Maria della Versa, in total a 15 minutes drive. If you go to Santa Maria, via Crocetta you cannot miss the exit to Golferenzo (at your right)

1. Golferenzo
Red/white road arrows have been used to signpost this hike. It starts in front of the town hall. You can park your car in one of the parking lots. From there walk to the east (keep the town hall at your left hand), and after 170m, on the crossing, you'll see an information panel with the "Sentieri di Golferenzo". We will follow hike #32A. From the crossing you leave the main road and enter Via Brevio. In front of you there is a small chapel. Take the road left of this chapel. You follow this slowly climbing road even when it turns into a gravel path.

2. Ca' Scagliosi
The path keeps climbing and with clear skies you will have wonderful views over Val Versa and Monte Rosa, 150km to the north. Keep following the path even beyond the agricultural outpost of the "University of the Islands"(?) untill in Ca┬┤Scagliosi you reach the asphalted road again.

3. La Ca'
Follow this road downwards. Before you and on your right lies a small water-basin. On the junction go to the right into the direction of Golferenzo and La Ca' and this water-basin. At the edge of the basin you'll see another information panel with the "Sentieri di Golferenzo".
300 meters after the information panel turn left to La Ca'. After passing the farm, the asphalted road turns into a gravel path that ends again on another metalled road. Her you turn left into the direction of a group of houses, 150m further on. This is Ca'Guastone. Here, at the junction turn right into the direction of a farm some 200m further on: Ca' Colombara.

4. from Ca' Colombara to Golferenzo
U loopt om de boerderij heen (u houdt de gebouwen aan uw rechterhand) tot aan de rand van de wijngaard. Iets naar rechts kunt u tussen de wijngaarden door, naar links en naar beneden lopen. U ziet Golferenzo al voor u liggen. U blijft rechtdoor lopen (het pad steekt een greppel over) en u volgt het pad tot dat dit aansluit op de straatweg naar Golferenzo (ca. 800m na Ca' Colombara). U loopt richting Golferenzo. Iets verderop is er weer een informatiebord met een picknicktafel. De straatweg draait hier naar links, maar u loopt rechtdoor het straatje in naar het plein voor het gemeentehuis van Golferenzo.

Altitude profile

Golferenzo profiel

183 Meter (Hoogte van 404 Meter tot 587 Meter)

GPSies - Rondwandeling bij Golferenzo





1. Santa Maria della Versa

round trip
(8 km ca. 2 uur)


2. To Bagarellum

(8 km return trip,
ca. 2 uur)


3. Ca'Bosco and San Michele ai Pianoni

(round trip, 6km appr. 1.5 uur)


4. To Cigognola

(9.5 km one way, appr. 2,5 uur)


5. Golferenzo

(round trip, 5 km appr. 1 uur)


6. Lirio

(round trip, 5 km appr. 2 uur)


7. Walking the dog

(round trip, 3 km appr.45 min)