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Bike in Italy
A great way to see Italy by bike! outlines over 35 cycling routes in Italy and offers detailed information on duration, difficulty, distance, location, maps, directions and pictures. Cycling routes include wine tours through Tuscany, rides through Roman ruins, bike paths along the Adriatic coast and several bike tours in Sicily and Sardinia.









One of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities during your stay at Villa "I Due Padroni" is without a doubt making a hike. Because there are no fences you can freely walk through the vineyards. No traffic, magnificent views: a pure pleasure!

Wandelen in de wijngarden italie

Sign-posted hikes are fairly unknown here, but the Padroni have scouted for their guests a number of pleasant, not too streneous hikes.

In the right column you see a list of the hikes that we have done ourselves and that we can recommend. By clicking on the name of the hike you'll find detailed information, a map and a description of the route with its height profile.

The map is interactive: you can view it with as background a road map, a height contour map or a satelite image. We try to add to each description of hike a few photographs that will give a good impression of what you can expect to see during your walk.

The maps have been created by using the facilities of the web site:

GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds

where every functionallity is also available. The number of hikes will gradually be increased in the near future.

A few general remarks:
Bring your own food and water, because in the summer months it can become very hot (especially in the valeys and between the vines). Moreover, not on every hike you will encounter a bar or restaurant.
We also recommend the use of a hat and sun glasses to protect you from the blazing sun light.

After a few days of rain (yes, that can happen even in the summer!) we advise you not to leave the road: the clay and loamy soil becomes very sticky and forms large and thick slabs under your shoes, making walking very difficult.

Don't forget your cell phone: if you get lost, the Padroni might be able to come to your rescue!

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1. Santa Maria della Versa

round trip
(8 km ca. 2 uur)


2. To Bagarellum

(8 km return trip,
ca. 2 uur)


3. Ca'Bosco and San Michele ai Pianoni

(round trip, 6km appr. 1.5 uur)


4. To Cigognola

(9.5 km one way, appr. 2,5 uur)


5. Golferenzo

(round trip, 5 km appr. 1 uur)


6. Lirio

(round trip, 5 km appr. 2 uur)


7. Walking the dog

(round trip, 3 km appr.45 min)